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JetSki Equipment

Southside Jet Ski specializes in outfitting folks heading out on the river for a day of fun. We supply everything you need, from safety equipment, licensing, and PWC orientation, to insider tips on how to get the most out of your trip.

Southside Jet Ski purchases the finest quality and most environmentally friendly watercrafts available. Serviced continuously to ensure our vital wildlife stays protected for years to come. Southside Jet Ski also sells half of the fleet on a yearly basis to insure that customers have new equipment each and every year eliminating worry of mechanical failures or availability.

2014 Yamaha VX Deluxe

Photo of JetSki

Yamaha's VX Deluxe was designed to deliver fun and performance, while pairing Yamaha’s unparalleled reliability with a stylish design. The VX Deluxe is longer than comparable models, providing a rider-forward design that not only accommodates a roomier, more comfortable seat, it allows for a larger rear platform. This makes re-boarding easy and offers a great place to hang out and relax with the family.


Florida Personal Watercraft Basics

Operation of a personal watercraft does not require the vocabulary of an "old salt". Knowledge of some nautical terms will facilitate your learning the basics about your boat and help you to understand the information required to operate safely..

It's vital for a PWC operator to possess respect for the environment, other boat operators, and property owners in the area where they are boating. PWCs are regulated by the same laws as other boats. There are additional rules that specifically cover PWCs. It is the PWC operator's responsibility to know and follow these regulations. Understand what other boaters and people on the shore are expecting. The PWC operator is rarely the only one around. Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if someone passed by close and at a high speed? It would be pretty jarring. Reckless or inconsiderate use of PWCs has caused considerable ill will. Ride smart, ride safe and ride with respect. Know the PWC's capabilities and limitations as well as your own. Often boaters develop a "false sense of mastery" causing their awareness to lapse. A boat or PWC operator must always be prepared for change. They must maintain a proper lookout. Watching and listening for other watercraft or watercraft signals and reacting to them are a key to an enjoyable and safe boating experience. They must constantly keep a look out for obstacles and dangers at all times. The relationship of your operating speed and distance is a key factor in your safety and the safety of others. Always operate your PWC or boat at a safe speed and safe distance from others at all times. Keep a 360-degree perspective. Don't just focus on what's in front of you.

Florida Rules and Regulations

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Daytona JetSki Rental

  • 1052cc 110hp Yamaha Marine Engine
  • Hyper-Flow jet pump propulsion
  • Integrated Bow Spray Guard
  • Watertight Storage Compartment



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